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United States of America is the largest economy of the world. It has vast history and culture with the most significant people ranging from diverse fields like Abraham Lincoln in politics to Albert Einstein in invention to Jimi Hendrix in Music and Walt Disney in entertainment. USA is the most preferred country for every international student with its western culture, job opportunity, technical abundance and mix of people from varied nations. It grabs the most advanced exposure in the field of technology. It has been well known for Education and every year lot of students strives to get admitted in the most apparent graduate schools and universities.

USA is the country which has experimented with communalism and democracy for more than 200 years now, but also it is quite burly economically as well as ethnically today with the base being the international students and immigrants. The United States has many colleges and institutions for higher education than any other country, but in spite of the numbers it is the high quality education offered by these academic bodies that is recognized worldwide. The trainers and the teaching forces of these universities are foremost authorities in their relevant fields. The excellence of the research and development program along with the academic resources accessible ensures that the institutions have high standards of teaching and of course the faculty.

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Why to study in Australia

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The United States has various great institutions of higher education than any other country in the world, especially when we talk about the IT and technology. But regardless of the numbers it is the excellence of education provided by these amazing academic institutions which is acknowledged worldwide. The teaching staff and professionals of these universities and institutions are the leading authorities in their relevant fields. The superiority of the research and development program along with the resources available and the faculty make certain that the institutions have high standards. USA is known for its most up-to-date technologies and progression which offer the student a very good opportunity to make his/her future in these fields. USA has always been a hub of innovations. Students therefore get knowledge about cutting edge technologies attached with outstanding research opportunities.

The best approach towards the USA education system is that it permits one to learn and earn simultaneously. This provides a student to have thorough knowledge of the subjects, but also make them acquainted with practical & professional approach. Studying in USA also gives better opportunities and prospects worldwide.

The United States of America has always known as the land of dreams because this is one country where you can follow all your passions. Students can select the subjects that they want to study from a wide range of options. USA is home to some of the most famous universities and business schools in the world like Harvard Business School, Stanford University, Princeton University, and Yale University etc. So whether it is regular courses like MBA from USA or master of science that one does from USA or executive courses like executive MBA or certificate programs, they hold a lot of value for one’s career and professional growth. Let us see some of the prime reasons to study in the USA:

  •  American universities offer the finest education in the world across multiple disciplines.
  •  Programs are available at undergraduate level, post graduate or Master’s level and the doctorate level for students.
  •  The MBA in USA is perhaps the most coveted degree by students.
  • Qualifications awarded by American Universities are recognized all over the world which opens up many job opportunities.
  •  The methods of study here focus on developing a strong theoretical base along with equal emphasis on practical and developing employment related skills.
  • There is excellent support and excellent resources for
  • those who want to go into the field of teaching or training through many assistantship programs.
  •  Support in the form of infrastructure, guidance and funding is also available for students who want to conduct research. This is not restricted to a few disciplines, but is available across multiple fields.
  •  There is a lot of flexibility in relation to choice of your major and minor subjects. This provides the students with an opportunity to pursue subjects that they have an interest in along with completing their professional education.
  •   American universities welcome international students to pursue higher education in their campuses.
  •  The US Services at the international student office helps them adjust and get through the transition phase. This is done through orientation programs to assist with academic writing, making resumes etc.
  • Apart from the regular MBA courses, distance MBA from American universities is also very popular among students who do not wish to leave their native country.
  • The MBA fee in USA for distance education is also less which makes it more affordable for international students.


If you are convinced to study in USA then there are some prerequisites to abide. Give a test TOEFL and try to qualify with good scores. You should have a score of at least 250 in TOEFL to be able to apply to colleges and get a student visa. You should be able to prove that you have the financial resources and support to finance your education in the United States. For this you will be asked to produce bank statements as evidence. You must possess the required academic transcripts to be eligible for applying to your chosen program.

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In relation to the student visa it is very important that the institution that endorses your visa and the university where you will be studying shall be the same. If that is not the case then you will not be permitted to enter into the country. Also, receiving I-20 or the DS-2019 does not guarantee that you will get a visa. You must prepare in advance for you visa interview and the statements that you will be required to provide.

It would be beneficial for you if you attend a counseling session with VDIEC Global Connect Pvt Ltd so that you are familiar with what to expect regarding the education system or the culture in the States. Students must also bear in mind that it is very important for you to take the required exams before applying to the colleges. MBA in US without GMAT is not possible if you are targeting a very good university.


The United States is often seen as a mix of different cultures, ethnicities and nationalities. It also has the world’s largest international student population. Nearly 600000 students enroll in universities in the US to pursue higher studies and broaden their professional horizons. If you are planning to study in America then you can rest assured that you will get to learn a lot and experience many new things.

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  • You should be prepared that there will be some cultural differences that you will have to face and get accustomed to.
  •  You will have to make efforts to bridge the cultural gap to avoid misunderstandings.
  •  You can choose between living in the dormitories on campus and going in for private accommodation.
  •  Living on campus is cheaper than living in private apartments. But whatever you choose, be sure to stay near the university.
  •   You will be required to get a full medical insurance before you leave for the United States. Many universities also offer this service to international students.
  • It would be very beneficial for you if you would move out of your own community and community with people of other nationalities. While staying in your own community and with people of your own country might feel safe, interacting with others will give you a lot of exposure about their cultures and traditions.
  • A very important part of living abroad is preserving your personal information. You should keep all your financial information secure and should not share critical information with anyone.
  • Apart from these some other things that might help you make your stay comfortable in the US could be learning basic cooking, getting familiar with the American accent of talking in English and reading a bit about the specific city that you will be living in.
  • Study abroad in USA is a wonderful way to gain exposure to the whole world and some of the most developed economies.



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Q. Where can I find a list of colleges/universities that I can apply to?

A. Lists of all colleges and universities are easily available over the internet with complete contact numbers and website details. All information about the universities and programs can be found from these websites.

Q. Are distance learning programs recognized and a good option?

A. Distance learning programs from universities in the US is a reasonable option for international students. There are thousands of distance learning courses, including distance learning MBA, which are recognized by the Distance Education and Training Council in the United States.

Q. What are requirements for admission to colleges/universities in the US?

A.  Each university has its own set of requirements, but some common admission requirements are:

  •  High school diploma/senior secondary certificate for undergraduate study or 4 years bachelor’s degree for graduate study
  • TOEFL scores to prove English proficiency.
  • Duly filled out application form with all required academic and reference documents
  •  Appropriate test scores like GMAT, SAT, GRE etc.


Q. How long do the graduate and undergraduate courses last?

A. The undergraduate courses last for duration of four years while the graduate programs last for two years.


Q. What are the different types of colleges in US?

A. There are various types of colleges that offer different degrees:

  •   Public/State colleges or universities offer undergraduate and graduate programs
  •  Community colleges offer two year associate degrees
  •  Technical/Vocational colleges and institutions offer certificate programs


Q. What are the financing options available?

A. There are various funding options available for international students. The most common is taking an education loan from a bank to finance your study. Scholarships are also awarded by the university but these are limited in number and are provided on the basis of either merit or need. More information can be seen on the university website about scholarships.


Q. What tests do I have to take before applying to the university?

A. TOEFL or IELTS is necessary for all programs if you are an international student from a non-English speaking country or where English is not the first language of students. If you are applying for undergraduate programs you need to take SAT and for graduate programs either GMAT or GRE.

The system of education in the United States is very structured and well planned. Starting from school right through graduation and post graduation, students which subjects they want to study and mix different disciplines as per their interest. Universities in USA are very dynamic and allow a lot of freedom of choice for the students.

If you want to study in USA then you should have some knowledge about the education system of the country.

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The education in America starts with the primary school and lasts up to high school. Students need to have a high school diploma if they wish to pursue graduate study. After that students can pursue a two year course at the end of which they are awarded the associate degree or the four year undergraduate study at the end of which they are awarded the Bachelor’s degree. As a part of the admission process all students have to take the SAT or ACT test. There are many state and public universities from where students can pursue these degrees.

After the undergraduate courses, students may go forward to pursuing graduate studies or post graduate studies. Post graduation programs in the US are more specialized and they provide advanced knowledge to the students in their chosen field of study. The Master’s program lasts for typically two years. These can be either an academic course like Master of Arts or Master of Science, or a professional course like Master of Business Administration, Master of Education etc. As part of the application process, students need to take either GRE or the GMAT. For international students, TOEFL is mandatory before applying to American Universities. MBA colleges in USA are very popular among students who want to do MBA abroad. There are several top ranking MBA universities in USA whose business programs are coveted by students all over the world. That is why students want to study in the US.

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