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    University Of California, Riverside Visit

    Date: 22, Aug,2018
    Time: 01:00:00 PM to 03:00:00 PM
    Venue : VDIEC Global Connect Pvt Ltd – Hyderabad Plot No 2A, 3rd floor, Vengalrao Nagar, in front of SR Nagar Metro Station, above Indian Bank, Hyderabad-500038, Telangana Tel: 040 -40201999, 40047620 Mobile No: +91-9395522222

  • Student

    Diju Divakaran (Wellington, New Zealand)

    I chose Wellington, New Zealand because it is not just a great place to live but also to learn with fewer distractions. The courses offered at Weltec are affordable yet accredited all over the world. One of the many good things about studying at Weltec is that courses lead to a job and that's convincing. I was excited to know that the Diploma in Applied Management has been structured to include a mix of knowledge-based and applications-based components and having worked in India, it is the best course I could ever go for. Being away from home in a new culture, my overall experience has been great!!!! As an international student, you are not just treated well but as part of a family which evryone expects when away from home. I feel proud to be a Weltec alumni. Now I work as a Process Trainer at one of the leading hospitality brands in the world. Everyday, I learn new things which help me understand myself better personally and professionally and I see a whole world of opportunities waiting for me in the future!!! Thanks a lot Vishal sir for helping me..!!!!!! Diju Divakaran Diploma in Applied Management, Weltec

  • Student

    Navjot Kalsi (Australia)

    Dear All Vishal Dixit has been a great help to me in developing my career abroad . I am working as an Assistant Manager in Subway. He was one of the people who motivated me and has worked really hard with me in selecting my course which I have desired too. People working there were great and offered me frequent suggestions for my paper work. Although Vishal has lot of things to do but he is such a wonderful person that he attends you with patience every time you see him. I advise each and every student to discuss your career opportunities with him and experience the same. I wish him and his team all the very best for their future. Cheers!!

  • Student

    Aamir Husain (Melbourne)

    Dear Vishal I would regard my first steps to the start of a great career when Mr Vishal Dixit helped me choose the most apt university and course curriculum for my profile in Australia. Having undergone the best few years of my life studying, working and enjoying, I have enjoyed growing into a true finance professional. Currently working for National Australia Bank ( NAB ) as an Investment Accountant at their Australian head office I deal with Institutional Investors and Managed Fund Managers and provide Accountancy, Tax, Distributions, Audit, Securities Analysis, and Projects expertise. Needless to say such an experience and an international degree opens a vast array for career opportunities for candidates who are willing to do the hard work and show patience. I do believe that words are not enough to express my gratitude for Vishal's efforts in placing me on a great launching pad and his being there for the continued support and motivation !! Aamir Husain B.COM (MGT) HONS, M.BUS (ACC) ,CPA - Associate Melbourne, Australia .

  • Student

    Parag (Perth)

    Hi Vishal I have known Vishal before VDIEC came into play. I was not even aware of the name of city at that time but Vishal told me go for it considering all the prospects and no wonder it turned out to be one of best decisions of my life. Vishal always had the tendency to evaluate different scenarios and conditions. Considering my example he not only selected the right course also the university that finally helped me to acquire my Permanent Residency and a good job. In addition he never stepped back from giving his support even you are thousand miles away not to mention when you need it most. Now I am very settled here in Perth having a senior position in company and enjoying the life. His journey from a very small office to a shiny one is a result of pure hard work and his credibility among the candidates. Just to show his good gesture whenever I visit India and visit him (without calling him) I just barge in all the time and even having other appointments he has never disappointed me. Thanks for all the help to secure my future and I wish you the very best of luck for your future endeavour.

  • Student

    Jaydeep Patel (Australia)

    Dear Vishal After being graduated on Dec-06 in Masters of Engineering , I have accumulated 2 years experience in Telecommunications with 1 year at Ericsson as Graduate Engineer for commissioning of Australia's largest mobile network for Telstra. 1 year with Total Communication Infrastructure as EME Engineer for construction of Telecommunication sites for all major careers in Australia. I Completed Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics from Nagpur University in Apr2004 and planned as usual course every graduate in India dreams of MBA. After consulting with Vishal sir, I found real importance of being an Engineer and the interest resided on me. Vishal Sir not only helped me to get admission on course but carefully planned and guided on every aspect for being successful while at overseas. * University selection * Location of study * Return on investment * A path towards career progression * A definite plan for successful immigration * explained smoothly calculated risks I was about to take Being a professional, Vishal Sir didn’t ended relationship after I reached Adelaide. He advised on every important stage accordingly: First 6 months for focusing on studies, on acquiring Thesis and voluntary work at an Electronics company during studies, issues on balancing work and study load etc. Now I am expecting another important stage to be an Australian Citizen on Jul-09. I am still connected with Vishal Sir from 4.5 years. I still discuss issues, but moreover he has imbibed a generic skill on me to be positive and always be planned for next stage of life. Today, I feel confident today towards a successful life with all career milestones transparent on my mind. Thanks a lot Vishal sir, Jaydeep Patel EME Engineer Total Communication Infrastructure.