Know Everything About Study Abroad Scholarships

Study Overseas scholarships are a great help for the students of any country who aspire to pursue their studies in a foreign country. The scholarship are provided on the basis of the academic merits of the students, and are always at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of the university in which the student applies. Students with strong academics and with extracurricular achievements would be eligible for scholarship and financial assistance. We at VDIEC helps students apply for these scholarships and guide them through the process, it is always necessary to prepare early for achieving these scholarships. Our counsellors find the right university and scholarship which can be raised from that particular university based on the student’s academic achievements.


Below are the major study abroad scholarships that students can receive:


  • Merit Based Scholarship: For students who have good academic score along with the extracurricular achievements are eligible to get this scholarship.
  • Need Based Scholarship: The students who cannot afford the studies, come from a monetarily less fortunate background and need financial assistance, but have a good academic score or athletic achievement are eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship would range from covering full tuition fees to partial tuition fees, accommodation costs and even the cost of books at times.
  • Student Specific Scholarship: These scholarships are awarded to students with different characteristics ranging from race, gender, religion to medical issues. These scholarships are targeted to minority groups.
  • Career Specific Scholarship: Universities with the agenda to produce talent for skill shortage areas often gives scholarship to students for choosing within the listed skill based programs. Hence the students pursuing those courses may get financial assistance from the institution.
  • College Specific Scholarship: These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academics, personal achievements, extra-curricular activities, etc. The aim is to enhance the knowledge system of the university.
  • Full/ Partial Scholarship: Mostly students get partial scholarships which covers living, books, or a part of tuition fees which is the partial scholarship, whereas full scholarship would cover the complete living, books and tuition cost.


Here at VDIEC meet our counsellors to get the appropriate scholarship based on the academics and other achievements; we will help you to identify which scholarship would fit your need criteria.

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Top Ten Reasons To Study In Germany

Germany has always been an attraction for students wanting to study abroad, not only because of its economy and career advancing scopes, but also because of its contribution in global scale.

  1.      Top Class Degree – Higher Education in Germany is one of the best in the world. Since the German universities have a good network with universities all over the world, the degrees obtained in Germany are top class that are recognized throughout the globe. They show the prospective employers that anyone holding a degree from any of the universities in Germany, has a firm basic education and further knowledge to be an asset to the company.


  1.   Diversity In Subjects – Germany has over 450 state accredited universities that offer over 17,500 degree programmes. The German Universities offer degree in almost all subjects and academic levels, be it bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral level degrees or even state examination.


  1.      Tuition Fees – 11 out of 16 states in Germany have no tuition fees and some states only require a maximum fees of 500€ per year. Bachelor’s degrees are completely tuition free while some Master’s programmes require some amount of fees but they are quite low as compared to other countries.


  1.      Affordable Living – Compared to other European countries, the cost of living in Germany is quite low. The cost of food, rent, and clothing is quite low for the students because they get a lot of discounts and concessions. Going to the theatre, museums, opera houses etc is very cheap if the students present their Student ID card.


  1.      Scholarship Programmes – There are many scholarship programmes that are offered to international students to fund their studies by organizations such as DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). Apart from this, many political and business foundations offer various scholarships to students who want to Study in Germany.


  1.      You Can Study in English – Many universities have started to offer international courses in English, especially the Master’s degree. Thus, knowing German is not mandatory anymore, but is still recommended.


  1.      Programmes for International Students – About 12% of the students in Germany are international students. One gets the opportunities to meet people from across the world and experience not only German, but various cultures. The Universities also offer various support and mentoring programmes such as ‘Buddy’ and ‘Tandem’ that make it easier for foreign students to fit right in.


  1.      Working in Germany – Germany encourages students to support themselves financially by allowing them to work for 90 full working days, or 180 half working days in a year. The student’s wage ranges from 10 to 15 Euros an hour. Apart from this, foreign students can stay in Germany for up to one year in the pursuit of looking for a job. The long term job opportunities in Germany for foreign students are quite successful.


  1.      Safety – Germany is a safe and stable country. Not only economically, but with a perspective of personal safety and security. The police in the country and helpful and reliable and you can move around the cities in Germany, day and night, without having to worry about anything.


  1.  Exploration – Germany is home to beaches, mountains, rich medieval heritage, pacing metropolises and nature that just won’t quit. Visiting other countries in Europe from Germany is not only easy but quite affordable too. One can easily plan a weekend trip to Paris, Prague, and Rome etc. and be back in time for the lectures.


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