Top 6 Reasons Why Indian Students Choose To Study In Australia

Australia has the third largest number of foreign students, falling just behind the UK and US. As per a study by Project Atlas in 2015, about 12.1% of the total international students in Australia are Indians. Believe it or not, Australia is a top choice among Indian students when opting to study abroad.

When thinking about Australia, we often get deluded by the thoughts of kangaroos and green pastures, but we often forget that there is so much more that makes Australia one of the top choices among international students. Here are a few reasons why Australia is highly preferred by Indian Students for their higher studies:

  1. Globally Recognized Degree- The degrees from Australian Universities are recognized throughout the world. Graduates from Australia are immensely successful in finding jobs and other employment prospects after the completion of their studies.
  2. Education- The education is Australia is top quality. Not only do they offer the best available facilities, they also offer a wide range of courses that suit almost anyone and everyone.
  3. Work Permit- International students have the freedom of working up to 40 hours per fortnight, that not only gives them the opportunity to earn money, but it also gives them hands experience and a chance to meet a variety of people.
  4. Multiculturalism- Australia has a diverse culture. It is mainly because the Australian government is open to all cultures and fosters cultural diversity. In other words, you will never feel alone in this country because you will get to meet and associate with people from your own, as well as other cultures.

5.Cost of living- The living expenses in Australia, though higher than India, is still cheaper than that of the UK and the US. The students can easily find cheap accommodation, and with the opportunity to work in Australia as well, this is quite convenient for the students.

  1. Job opportunities- Other countries may close the employment doors for you after your education, or may be open to just selective professions, but in Australia, the opportunity to work post education is vast and ranges from a variety of professions.

The open mindedness of people in Australia and the government’s willingness to make it one of the best educational hubs for international students have led to the vast shift among the Indian students when choosing to study abroad. This trend, it seems will grow more and more in the future.

To get more information about Australia and your studying abroad options in Australia, contact us on 1800-274-2041. You can visit our office to know the courses that will fit your plans of Studying Abroad. You can also visit us on for more details on free counseling and Overseas Education.


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Writing a powerful SOP for US University Application

Universities in American are very difficult to get in. Not only do you have to be academically strong, but you should also have a strong background to support your case. The SOPs that are submitted to the universities in USA have to be well written, crisp, attention grabbing and precise. For the universities in the US, SOP is not just a piece of information that you attach with your application, but is considered to be one of the most vital requirements. SOPs are treated very seriously it gives the reader an insight into your beliefs and mindset. Hence it is very important that you write a powerful SOP while applying to any university in the US.
Below is a step by step guide on writing a powerful SOP according to US Universities’ Standards-
1. Length of the SOP- Ideally an SOP should be between 500 to 1000 words and should be summarized in 1 or 2 pages. Do not write more than that if the university has not mentioned the word count or the length.
2. Font style and size- Use only Times New Roman or Arial for your SOP as these fonts are most common in US. Use font size 12 for Times New Roman and size 11 for Arial. Use Black color for the font.
3. Indentation- Use 1.5 line spacing for your SOP.
4. Heading- Write ‘Statement of Purpose’ as the heading and if you want, you can also write the degree or specialization that will give the reviewer an idea of the course you’re applying to.
5. First Paragraph- The first paragraph of the SOP should be catchy and unique. Mention how your interest developed in the field that you want to study and build it like a story that hooks the reader from the very beginning.
6. Body- The body of the SOP contains all the relevant details that will help the reviewer understand about you and your passions in life and your motivation to study this course.
a. Experience- Write about your experiences in the field (if any) and what skills you gained. Write about your projects, internships, extra training etc. and mention everything you did on your own to gain knowledge and experience in the field.
b. Extra-curricular activities in the field- This is to show how well you have acquired other skills such as leadership qualities, communication skills, team work, efficiency etc. If you have organized events or fests during your college time, mention that as well. It is important to keep it brief and precise and related to your field of interest.
c. Academics- Quantify your abilities by using numerical values. If you have been in the top 10 rank holders of your college, mention it.
d. Overcoming hardships- If you had some time off or backlogs, mention those along with a valid reason. Then write about how you overcame those problems. This will show that you have an ability to overcome hardship and still continue strongly along your path with determination. Do not elaborate this. Keep it short and write in just 3-4 sentences.
e. Challenges- Rather than going into the technicalities of your projects or work, mention the challenges you faced during that period and how you overcame them. The application reviewer does not want to know the details of your projects. They want to know your contribution to those projects.
f. Choice of program- Mention why you want to study this particular course and not any other course that may also benefit you. Write in brief about why this course will give you the opportunities that others might not.
g. Choice of university- You have to write the reason why you chose this particular university. Mention the ranking of the university if it is ranked high. Or you can write about the standard of teaching and the quality of education of that university and how it is better when compared to other colleges. Mention the relevance of the degree from that university in your home country.
h. Choice of country- You have to address why you chose USA above all other countries in the world. You can talk about the country’s environment and people and how you think you can fit there.
7. Conclusion – Your concluding paragraph must contain your goals after completing your degree. But most importantly, do not forget to mention that you will come back to your home country after you complete the course and what you expect to do after you come back. It must contain the details of the kinds of jobs you will look for and the companies you may apply to after you come back.
Some extra tips-
· Do not use varied fonts by unnecessarily using BOLD or italics in your SOP. Write it in a simple and sober way.
· Do not mention personal details such as your name, address, phone number etc.
· Do not start the SOP by mentioning your name or introducing yourself.
· Check for grammar and spelling mistakes.
· Do not use a thesaurus to write your SOP. Jargons won’t improve the quality of your SOP.

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24 Months Stay Back In Ireland After Master’s Or Phd

Ireland has been one of the top most favorable choices for Indian students for their study destination abroad. Not only is the education in Ireland renowned for its quality and approach, the mesmerizing landscape and the ancient castles and monuments have attracted visitors since long. Ireland has a huge international student market and the Irish government has recently made some serious alterations to its international students’ stay back policy.
The benefit of studying in Ireland is no secret. So far, there was a 12 months stay back in Ireland for the students who complete their master’s and doctoral programs from the country. But recently, the Irish government made some crucial alterations to this policy which led to the extension of this stay back period from 12 months to 24 months.
This policy, that specifically targets the non EU/EEA students, gives the students who are completing their advance degree, an opportunity to seek employment and stay in the country for up to 2 years, with a work permit of about 40 hours per week.
Up until now, only countries like Canada and Australia provided stay back visas. Ireland recently stepped up to level with such countries to change its stay back options. These changes have been taken up to in order to fulfill certain goals set by Ireland with respect to education. The Irish government plans for the following-
a. 33% increment in international students, reaching up to 44,000 international students by 2019-2020.
b. 25% increment in English Language Teaching (ELT) programs
c. 1/3rd increment in the economic impact of the educational sector
It seems that this extension in the stay back option is aimed at increasing Ireland’s International competitiveness as a choice of study destination.
This extension is only valid for students who have studied at level 9 or above from the National Framework of Qualifications and have awards granted by a recognized Irish awarding body.
To get more information about Ireland and your studying abroad options in Ireland, contact us on 1800-274-2041. You can visit our office to know the courses that will fit your plans of Studying Abroad. You can also visit us on for more details on free counseling and Overseas Education.

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