10 Low Cost Study Abroad Programs

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Studying abroad is a major decision a student takes when looking into their future opportunities. No matter how lucrative a country or programs sounds, the one thing that it all boils down to is the affordability.


VDIEC brings to you the top 10 low cost study abroad programs that not only fir your budget but will also give you a pretty good educational experience.


  1. Asia Exchange in Malaysia: Everything from economics, technology to political science can be found in the Asia Exchange in Kuala Lumpur. The courses and universities under this comes under the best universities in Malaysia so you not only get quality education but also get a lot of exposure. Courses start from $5000.
  2. Sol Education Abroad in Granada, Spain: Based in Granada, Sol Education Abroad offered a multitude of affordable courses. The program fee includes expenses for homestay, meals, medical insurance, tuition etc for more check this link right here now. There are various breaks provided to students that they can utilize to explore the place throughout. Courses start at $10,000.
  3. ISA Study Abroad in Costa Rica: This Costa Rican study broad program is not just subjected to those fluent in Spanish but had a range of course that are provided in other languages too. Plus it accepts students from all levels of Spanish fluency. Program fees in inclusive of tuition, homestay, food, laundry and other amenities. Courses start at $10,000.
  4. USAC Poland: For all those looking for good programs in political front, this course based out of Krakow in Poland is one of the best budgeted programs available. The programs fees comes inclusive of tuition, homestay, medical insurance, visa assistance etc. Courses start at $12,000.
  5. IES Abroad Summer in Argentina: Buenos Aires is the host for this amazing study abroad program. For those looking good degrees in agricultural and environmental studies, IES Abroad programs offer brilliant courses and experience. IES is focused on cultural emersion and provides great hand-on experience. Courses start from $5000.
  6. CISabroad in South Africa: Based in Cape Winelands, the oldest college town in South Africa, this program offered courses in English that will make you at ease. The city is packed with great student life and ensures student’s safety while enriching their study abroad experience. Courses start at $12,000.
  7. API Study Abroad in Grenoble, France: For both language and cultural studies enthusiast, API programs offer a wide range of quality courses who want to excel in French at all levels. The fees in inclusive of homestay, tuition, airport pickup etc. Courses start at $12,000.
  8. Athena Study Abroad in Greece: Paros Island that’s offers various courses in English is famous for its amazing Mediterranean weather. A range of courses from Arts to Science are offered in traditional classroom setting. Courses start at $12,000.
  9. The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) in Korea: A part of Korea University which is considered to be as good as any American Ivy League university, TEAN offered courses in English over a huge range of subjects. Fees include on-campus housing, tuition, health insurance, airport pickup etc. Courses start at $12,000.
  10. Lankey in Morocco: Language enthusiasts who want to study in Arabic or French can take advantage of this course happily. Fees include tuition, some meals and homestay. They offer variety of courses suited for students in various fields. The course is usually eight weeks long but 3 weeks intensive courses are also available. Courses start at $6,000.


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