Top 10 Universities in Europe for International Students

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When it comes to studying abroad, students usually take a lot of time and efforts to research their ideal countries, courses and universities. Even though the top three choices for international study destination are USA, Canada and Australia, European countries and universities see a huge chunk of students arriving there for their higher studies.


VDIEC has curated a list of top 10 European universities that are excellent choices for study abroad options.


  1. University of Granada (Spain) – Founded in 1531, University of Granada is considered to be one of the most significant universities in the world in terms of historical significance. Ranking at the top 3% universities in the world, University of Granada offers students multitude of courses to choose from. They offer over 80 undergraduate and over 100 post graduate degrees along with over 25 doctoral courses.
  2. University of Leeds (England) – Established in 1904, University of Leeds is the largest university in UK for higher studies. QS Ranking 2019 placed University of Leeds among the top 100 universities in the world. According to the Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2017, University of Leeds was named ‘University of the Year’ in 2017. Hosting over 35,000 students and over 8700 staff members, University of Leeds offers courses in almost every field that the students can opt for.
  3. The Paris Institute of Creative Arts (France) – Those looking to unleash their creative sides using the most real experience, will find Paris Institute of Creative Arts the most desirable choice. Packed with classes that let you explore the city and the real world to help you inspire your creative genius, this institute delivers you the best of both educational as well as recreational world.
  4. Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany) – Founded in 1820, Humboldt University of Berlin’s main aim was to provide all-round humanist education to ass its aspirants. The idea set forth by this university became so wide spread that Humboldt University became one of the oldest and the most sought after universities in Europe.
  5. Florence University of the Arts (Italy) – Located at the center of Florence, this university blends the Italian culture of traditional and education perfectly. The marvelous architecture and the grandiose of the university will take your breath away. Prominent for its arts course, Florence University of the Arts provides hands-on approach to its students who are looking for Liberal Arts Education.
  6. Maastricht University (The Netherlands) – If authentic European experience is what you’re after, Maastricht University, the best university in Netherlands offers you just that. Known for its quality research and social engagement curriculum and programs, Maastricht University is the most sought after university in Netherlands.
  7. Corvinus University of Budapest (Hungary) – Students looking for best business or social science courses, will find their curiosity satisfied with Corvinus University of Budapest which is one of the best universities not only in Hungary, but entire Europe.
  8. Hellenic American University (Greece) – If Greek history and the lores of Athens is your cup of tea, Hellenic American University is the right choice for you. The university is located at the heart of Athens which is known for its vibrant life and historic significance of being the oldest city in Europe. The university offers small classes that help students get personalized teaching and experience that develop their skills.
  9. Salzburg College (Austria) – If nature is what you crave, Salzburg is your go to place. Offering gorgeous views of the Eastern Alps, Salzburg is located on the borders of Austria and Germany. If is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and safest spots for education. For the mountain lovers, Salzburg offers unreal views in wrapped up in a cultural heritage that dates back around 1000 years.
  10. University of Stirling (Scotland) – Scotland offers a rich dynamic of education packed with great outdoor adventures. Students interested in rich historical significant of a place with interested lying in good educational curriculum, will find University of Stirling as their ideal choice. Scotland offers mountains, castles and a great sense of community and support for international students.

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Pursue Your Higher Studies with Foreign Education Consultants

Foreign education consultants in Indore


Are you one of the students who can to pursue their higher education abroad? If the answer is yes, then you should take help from one of the best foreign education consultants in Indore. Most of the aspirants are dependent on them as they provide a number of services as providing guidance and support in the process of application and admission, offers excellent career counseling and many more.


Today, India has gained prominence as a country as many students travel to different parts of the globe to pursue their higher education. There are many other reasons so as to why people travel to other countries for their higher education. By travelling to other countries, students can gain a global perspective and also it will widen up their horizon in the best way possible. And in fact, they can also learn about various customs and cultures that are there in the whole world. Also, they can improve their communication skills and problem solving capabilities in the best way. By this, they will also learn about the new technologies that have recently emerged and will learn to make use of new ideas and technologies.


Try this by going through the above mentioned factors, the aspirants wish to start off their higher students in the foreign countries and for this they need to take help from foreign education consultants in India. Below are some of the advantages that the aspirants get after they seek help from foreign education consultants:


  • Provide excellent career counseling solutions: Education consultants provide excellent counseling solutions to the students who want to pursue their education overseas. They help the students to take right decisions for their future.
  • Offers guidance regarding the admission procedure: Foreign education consultants in Indore inform the willing aspirants about the details of the universities and also the various courses they offer. Also, they would tell them about the fees, estimated cost of staying abroad and many more. They also offer guidance in the admission process.
  • Provides excellent visa counseling: As the students face a lot of problems while getting their visa approved, so the education consultants help them to get right documents and so on. They also help in getting visa approved effectively.
  • For getting good accommodation: Foreign education consultants in Indore helps the students in getting excellent accommodation as they have already developed rapport of the leading institutes in the world.

Top 5 Universities in Sydney Australia

study in Australia


Australia has always been famous for its educational standards along with offering students the advantage of enjoying the country’s leisure on the sides. Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, which is one of the largest islands of Australia is not only voted among the top student cities in the world, but also packs a splendid combination of study-leisure options, hosting some of the finest universities in Australia, as well as the world.


VDIEC brings to you the top 5 universities in Sydney that you want to look into if you want to study abroad.


Macquarie University- Macquarie is among the best universities in Sydney is also ranked among the top 150 universities in the world. Offering subjects in almost every field, Macquarie is also known for being technologically adaptive and up to date in offering its students state of the art facilities along with industry relevant modules. Organizations such as Microsoft, Optus, Google, and Johnson & Johnson etc. have partnered with Macquarie University for research and teaching innovations. The campus is spread across 126 hectares equipped with an automated library. Almost $2.5 million worth scholarships are offered by the university every year and they have a wide range of scholarships that students can choose from. If you want to study in Australia, you must get admission to this University in Sydney, Australia.


University of Technology Sydney (UTS) – Ranked at number 9 throughout Australia, UTS is among the top 160 universities in the world. Not only that, it is among the top 10 Young Universities in the world, making it the best Young University in Sydney. UTS started its base with technology related courses but with time, expanded to other branches of education such as business, science, communication, arts, social sciences etc. Located at the heart of Sydney, UTS is packed with latest technologically advances facilities for its students.


University of Sydney- University of Sydney is ranked at no. 3 throughout Australia and is among the top 50 universities in the world. The oldest university of Australia, University of Sydney is laden with Victorian architecture with a blend of modern facilities. Offering the widest range of study options Australia, University of Sydney is also famous for its quadrangle main campus but it has campuses stretched throughout 11 locations. Located at a very prime spot, University of Sydney also offers trendy cafes in the neighborhood along with great relaxing atmospheres.


University of New South Wales- UNSW is ranked the 4th best university in Australia and is ranked just below University of Sydney in the world ranking charts. University of New South Wales is a star choice for the very reason that it is not only located close to Sydney’s eastern coastal beaches, but is also close to Sydney’s Central Business District, which makes it an instant hit among students who want to not only have fun at the beach but also want to stay at pace with the fast pace of the city. Showcasing a vibrant campus packed with latest amenities, UNSW offers a wide range of study discipline to students ranging from business to business to natural science to technology and arts. 


New York University Sydney- Located on the district of Rocks, NYUS is the final contender on the list. The university has a lot to offer in terms of facilities such as auditoriums, classrooms, labs, library etc. all of which are equipped with modern technological facilities that the students can learn from. At NYUS, students benefit from various teaching programs along with the excursions that the staff members regularly plan for its students to enjoy and relax after tough study sessions. 


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