Collectively, Europe is the most popular study abroad destination in the world, hosting hundreds and thousands of international students every years. Students from all across the world place a higher value to education in Europe in terms of exposure and educational value.


Here is VDIEC’s curated list of top 10 cities to study abroad in Europe in 2020.


  1. Spain- Spain blends a unique culture of traditions with extravagant education. With the cost of education and living being relatively low in Spain, students can choose from over 70 universities and multitude of courses. Spain hosts over 60,000 international students every year and students can enjoy the courses while basking in the glorious traditions that Spain has to offer.
  2. Portugal- Even though Portugal is among the smaller European countries, it offers variety of things that students can learn and explore while studying. It has a very relaxed and vibrant atmosphere and most of its historical places can be explored on foot. The cost of living here is quite low, which is an added benefit.
  3. Germany- Most student are attracted to this country because of its innovative practices and state-of-the-art facilities. Germany is known for its technological courses and most universities are government funded, which means you can get free education if you are eligible according to their acceptance criteria.
  4. Italy- Italy is not only known for having the fashion capital city, Milan, but also marvels in its classic architecture, arts and historical significance. Some of the best universities in the world are in Italy and it packs a wonderful amalgamation of tradition, arts and education.
  5. Netherlands- Hosting over 82,000 international students every year, Netherlands has over 2000 programs that are taught in English. They focus highly on interactive mode of teaching that allows students to invest deeply in their courses and students always find a home away from home when it comes to this country.
  6. Switzerland- Even though Switzerland is a relatively small European country, it still hosts over 50,000 international students each year. Offering a very impressive quality of life, Switzerland is an ideal destination for students who are looking for scenic beauty to accompany their educational. The snow clad mountains and the serene atmosphere allows students to have the best of both worlds.
  7. France- France is one of the most popular study abroad countries in the world. It hosts over 260,000 international students each year. Mostly famous for its arts degrees, France has a lot to offer in terms of education. The country of Eiffel Tower is a country to explore and be in love with as the cost of education here is relatively low in comparison to other countries.
  8. Sweden- An exceptional hub for innovation and relevant industry practices, Sweden hosts over 38,000 international students each year. They are known for their creative and innovative study practices while offering them at a very low cost. Almost everyone speaks in English in this country and it offers one of the most satisfying work-life balance in the world.
  9. Denmark- Offering low cost of education, creative educational experience and some of the best career goals, Denmark is a place you cannot miss. It hosts over 24,000 international students every year and offers over 700 degree programs along with over 1300 courses to choose from. The courses are offered in English and the industry links that the universities have, will make sure you are in safe hands during and after your education.
  10. Austria- Austria has so much to offer in terms of education, exposure and relevant experience. The cost of education is relatively low and the students study in a very secure and innovative environment that fosters their own creativity. It has a thriving culture and has a lot of landscape to enjoy.

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