France is a dream destination for most students. It is a place of glamour, French architecture, the Eiffel Tower and most importantly, a place for some great people found across the world. Students who opt for French standard of education, have nothing to lose as they gain a degree as well as an experience that lasts a lifetime.


VDIEC brings to you 6 tips that will help you while you’re studying abroad in France.


  1. Enjoy multitude of activities- Do not be restricted to just your host university and university activities. France has a lot to offer in terms of student life, great party culture and a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.
  2. Make friends from all cultures- One thing you will have in common with students while you’re studying abroad in France, it is that you will find people who speak other languages apart from English. Make more friends with local people rather than sticking to your comfort zone. This will not only improve your communication skills, but will help you fit in quite easily.
  3. Relish the French food culture- Life in France revolves around food and French cuisine. Drive yourself into the weekend market and savor the authenticity of the country at its best. Dig into big lunches that is a huge part of French culture and do not stick to your home food. Every once in a while, make sure you try French dishes while you can.
  4. Become a pro at transportation- The metro system in Paris is an experience you need to master. The trains are always on time and are very cheap. Planning trip to outside of Paris or to, becomes very convenient with rail passes and they also have apps that help you navigate easily and keeps you updated.
  5. Use student discount to your advantage- Being a student in France comes with a lot of perks. In order to drive tourism for students, France makes a lot of activities cheap and free for the students there. Just carry your Student ID with you and you’re good to go. Almost all public museum is either free or massively cheap for the students there. Pass Navigo gives you the leverage of free or cheap transport throughout Paris.
  6. Live with a host Family- The best way to sink in all the French culture and traditions in its glory is to live with a French Host family. It’s a very interesting experience that you will come to cherish in the years to come. French families are usually very enthusiastic and ecstatic to have students under their roof and you will find them very welcoming. It is something you need to experience to understand the French lifestyle.

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