When choosing to study in Dublin, one might get overwhelmed with the courses available there. Right from technological to artistic courses, you will never find yourself at a disadvantage. But when it comes to studying courses like literature, it is important to go for the right country which fills you with in depth knowledge of culture and history to help you find a stable career in the future.

Here are 5 reasons why you should study literature in Dublin:

  1. Prestigious universities- Dublin is packed with renowned universities that not only have high ranks in Europe, but all over the world. University of Dublin and Trinity College are just a few examples of this. Dublin is one place that attracts the most number of students who choose to study in Ireland because of its high quality of education and practical nature of the courses.


  1. Rich culture and history- One of the largest Viking city in the past, Dublin is packed with centuries of culture and tradition that any student who wants to indulge in, can benefit immensely from. The Georgian architecture, grim and gothic cathedrals along with ancient castles all speak of the past that Dublin still likes to preserve.



  1. Easy connectivity to other parts of the country- Ireland being a small country, makes it easy for students to travel from Dublin to other cities through busses and trains. You will also find cheap flights to other cities with fares being as low as 9.99 Euros. Dublin is the perfect place to be for students and to explore other parts of the country over the weekends.


  1. Sceneries and festivities- Home to some of the most stunning landscapes, Ireland at a whole is a country to be in if you love mountains and green pastures. The small towns and old castles only add to the beauty that the country holds in all its glory. Along with this, the country likes to celebrate festivals in grand scale where the whole country comes together in merriment and enjoys itself.



  1. Hospitality- Ireland is known for being incredibly hospitable to its visitors. People go out of their way to help you and are not only accepting in nature, but will also make you feel at home. It is one of the friendliest countries in the world. The Irish are also known for their sense of humor that will make you feel at ease once you’re with them.

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