6 reasons why you should study in New Zealand

Choosing a destination for your education is based on various aspects. It is not only about the university of college you go to, it is also about the stability of the government along with the atmosphere for international students. New Zealand tops the list on various fronts when it comes to studying there.

VDIEC brings to you 6 main reason why you should choose to study in New Zealand:

1. Education system- While choosing your study abroad country, you should make sure that the education system is stable and provides you value education for the money you invest. The education system in New Zealand is research based. The staff allotted towards teaching are mostly researchers, meaning you get quality education with some real hands-on experience. The government actively invests time and money on the institutes ensuring high quality of education.

2. Cost Effective- The tuition fees in New Zealand is among the lowest in the world. To top that, the cost of living in New Zealand is also quite low and affordable. The public transport is easily available and preferred by most because of the low prices.

3. Degree Recognition- The degrees from universities in New Zealand are recognized internationally and hold high regards with employers all around the world. Because of the timely evaluation done by the governments of the institutes, the universities make sure that you get an education that will make you industry ready, hence increasing the value of the degrees.

4. Excellent support for international students- New Zealand is a warm and accepting country. They freely welcome international students because of the cultural diversity that is brought to their country from different people. You will find students from all over the world there and they have student body support for all international students that helps them with any problem they may face.

5. Part time work opportunities- New Zealand offers great employment opportunities for international students. During classes, international students can work up to 20 hours per week and can work full time during vacations. Students pursuing masters or doctoral degrees can work full time during classes too.

6. Beauty of the country- Laden with mesmerizing landscapes and breathtaking beaches, the country is widely known for its scenic beauty. You will love exploring the country during vacations and weekends. New Zealand offers an assortment of activities that will help you relax from the daily routine of your classes and work.

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