Education system in US

USA is one of the top choices for students wishing to study abroad. Figures show that around 16% of the students, who study abroad, opt for USA and the country receives over 750,000 foreign students per year.


The education system in US is quite similar to those around the world. Primary education is called elementary school and secondary education is known as middle and high school in the US. It is then followed by tertiary education which is optional and is also known as post-secondary education there, click here to investigate. The post-secondary education in the US consists mainly of non-degrees that are associated with certificates and diplomas, bachelors, masters, research doctorate degrees etc.

USA has a diversified range of institutes that offer education and degrees to all local and international students. The main institutes are as follows:

  1. Community Colleges- These colleges offer some certificates and vocational degrees along with some associate’s degrees.
  2. Vocational Schools- These only focus on some vocational skills such as dental hygiene, civil engineering, culinary and other vocations that may not necessarily require a degree, nut require training.
  3. Colleges and Universities- There is not much difference between colleges and universities in the US. Colleges have a set range of degrees that they offer while universities are a collection of colleges. They can offer anything from associate’s degree to doctorate degree.
  4. Graduate Schools- Graduate schools are basically postgraduate colleges in other countries. They are usually associated with universities that also offer bachelor’s degree. They offer Master’s and Doctorate level degrees and certificates.
  5. Seminaries- These are religious education schools. They are used to train an teach ministers and other clergy members about a range of topics related to the religion they are serving under.

Even though the education in the US is on the expensive end, there are a lot of financial aids that are available to international students.

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