Six advantages of computer based IELTS

Not until long ago, IELTS exam was traditionally held and was a Paper Based Test (PBT). But in August 2018, IELTS was launched with its CBT (computer based test) variant to students worldwide.

Here are six advantages of taking CBT IELTS.

1. It’s basically the same test- IELTS CBT is no different from IELTS PBT. It has the same test patterns and sate question papers. The only difference is that IELTS CBT would be conducted on a computer than using a paper and pencil.

2. Faster results- PBT IELTS results table about 13 days to be released after the test whereas CBT IELTS results are out in 5 to 7 days.

3. More dates for the test- CBT offers significantly more test dates than PBT which usually takes place between 1 to 4 tests per month, depending on your location. Also, in the coming time, CBT will try to offer more dates to the test takers, meaning all the more flexibility to the students see here now.

4. You get to choose- If students are not comfortable with CBT, thinking it maybe more straining for the eyes or if their typing is slow, they can still opt for the PBT which is available alongside CBT.

5. Good for GT students- Usually the General Training (GT) students of IELTS find it more difficult to catch up with PBT tests, firstly because they feel there is a huge gap between them now and the time they last held a book in their hands. Since most work with computers on a daily basis, PBT tends to become a little overwhelming for them. Hence CBT offers a more comfortable setting for such students.

6.Not all sections have changed- Although the Listening, Reading and Writing section offer the CBT option, the speaking section remains the same. They consider how comfortable people are when speaking to another person VS a computer and also that scores are given fairly and without error. Check other things you can do online like paysafecard review.

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