Top 10 tips that will help you be organized while in colleges

Experiencing a sudden shift from the pattern of your home education to the pattern that is taught internationally can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Before you lose track of everything and realize it later than you should, here are top 10 tips that will help you be organized while in colleges and how to be on top of your schedule.

1. Keep a planner- It will help you track your assignments, deadlines, work schedules, meetings, social life and basically everything. If you have a well maintained planner, you won’t every lose track of things while studying.

2.Track your curriculum- It is important you know exactly what your curriculum and syllabi is during your semester. That way, you will never miss out on important topics and always stay on top of your curriculum.

3. Maintain a filing system- In order to keep a track of your notes, handouts, assignments, photocopies, lecture notes and what not, a well organized fining system is a must. You can either have a box filing system of folders to keep these organized.

4. Get a white/cork board- they will help you set reminders which you can see everyday and get reminded of your work and duties.

5. Make to-do lists- everything from what you’re supposed to do to what you’re supposed to buy, goes in the to-do list. It helps you track all your necessities so that you don’t run out of things just when they’re needed the most.

6. Create an effective study area- assign yourself a well-lit area for your studies that’s also quite and helps your concentrate. Usually college libraries are a wonderful place to achieve this.

7. Segregate your study time- find out how many hours of study time you need everyday and schedule your time accordingly. For example if you require 6 hours of study time everyday, you can break it up as 6 separate sessions of 1 hour each of 3 separate sessions of 2 hours each. That’s entirely up to you.

8. Keep your study time consistent- if you are a morning person and like to wake up early to study for example at 4 am, keep the time fixed. But if you like to study before you go to bed let’s say at 10, make sure that’s consistent because an inconsistency in your study time will make you lose track of how much work you’ve done and will make you crunch everything up at the last minute which you should avoid at any cost.

9. Avoid overload- it may seem very tempting at first to try your hands at everything, but remember if you overdo it and exert yourself, you might overexert yourself which will only make your grades suffer.

10. Get proper sleep- This is the basic rule you must follow. Staying up all night or partying with friends will dawn breaks out may seem very tempting, but if you do not get enough rest and sleep, you will not be able to concentrate on your lectures which you really cannot afford to miss. And under all circumstances, avoid skipping classes.

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