Top 5 universities in Ireland

Combining breathtaking landscapes and world-class universities, Ireland is soon becoming the top choice for Indian students as a study abroad destination. Laden with castles that date back thousands of years, lush green and shores that just won’t end; this little island has it all.


VDIEC brings to you top 5 universities in Ireland that could be your choice for higher education:


  1. Trinity College Dublin– Trinity is one of the best universities in Ireland. Ranked at number 1 in Ireland and holding a 117 ranking worldwide (as of World University Ranking 2018), this university is known for its excellence in education and historical campus. The tradition of scholarships in Trinity can be traced back to as back as 4 centuries. Famous for its research options, quality education and innovation, Trinity is the home to some of the best minds in the world.


  1. University College Dublin– Ranked among the top 1% universities in the world, UCD was ranked number 1 in Ireland for 40 subjects by QS World Ranking 2017. Every year, it hosts a huge number of International students that consist of 25% of the total students. One of the leading universities in research, the universities offers immense scope in research and innovation.


  1. University College Cork– With a history of over 168 years, UCC is ranked at 351 among the top universities in the world. Hosting approximately 15% of international students every year coming from 104 countries. It has about 2800 academic, research and administrative staff and is known worldwide for its research programs. UCC mainly has four colleges in the fields of arts, business, science and medicine.


  1. National University of Ireland, Galway– Established in 1845, NUI, Galway hosts approximately 12% of International students every year. Ranked at 201 (as of World University Ranking 2018) among the top universities in the world, it is one of the most prominent universities for international viewpoint. 96% of the graduates from NUI, Galway are either employed, or study further 6 months after their education. Focusing greatly on innovation, NUI, Galway is one of the best universities for those in the technical field.


  1. Dublin City University– DCU places very high values on technology and innovations. Hosting a huge number of international students each year, this university has a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that are spread across a range of fields in Business, Humanistic and Social Studies, Engineering, Science and Health etc. The student focused curriculum at DCU had been designed to provide quality education to all its students in terms of excellence and innovative ideas.


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