Why Study in Netherlands top 7 reasons

When choosing a destination to study abroad, a lot of factors are kept in mind. Not only should the degree be worth your money or time, so should the place where you would spend an average of 2 years in.

VDIEC brings to you top 7 reasons why you should consider the Netherlands and Dutch universities as your study abroad options.

1. Cultural and educational environment- The Netherlands brings to you a cultural mixture of over 150 countries. Students from all over the world come to the Netherlands for their education as the Dutch universities are known for their student association, which helps the students while they pursue their education here.

2. No language barrier- More than 90% of the people in the Netherlands speak English; hence studying and working here is very convenient. The Dutch are also very open-minded and appreciate and respect people of all cultures.

3. Affordable education- The cost of education in the Netherlands is quite low as compared to other English speaking countries such as the UK and the USA. The education is mostly government funded which makes the tuition fees lower than most other countries. There are options for scholarships too, which further reduces the overall cost of education.

4. Quality education- The Dutch universities are their educational system is renowned worldwide for their quality and innovative approach. A strong emphasis is enforced on building interpersonal relationships, not only among students, but also between professors and students which makes it a very healthy environment for the international students. The universities in the Netherlands focus on practical learning which helps in developing the overall skills of students.

5. Affordable living- Living in the Netherlands is quite affordable as compared to most other European countries. Not only this, finding accommodation quite easy as there are many useful websites to aid you.

6. Travel opportunities- Studying in the Netherlands also lets you explore most parts of Europe because of Schengen Visa. Without the needt to apply for fresh Visas, the students can freely travel to other Schengen countries while in the Netherlands. Often called the ‘Gateway of Europe’ the Netherlands is close to various locations that will let you explore Europe in the most adventurous way possible. Connected with excellent transporting systems, the students get further discounts on travel.

7. World renowned degrees- The Dutch universities offer internationally recognized degrees. Known for research and rich study culture, the universities in the Netherlands are not only known worldwide, but are also very valued. The Dutch universities meet all the international stands of education and the education from these universities could open the gates of great opportunities in any country.

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