Writing A Powerful Statement Of Purpose

Writing a Statement of Purpose (SOP) can be a tiresome task, especially if you don’t know where to start and how to write. More often than not, the most dreadful thing happens- your SOP looks more like an essay on you rather than being a statement that defines your purpose of studying further.
The first thing you need to do is understand what SOP is. It is the gateway to your admissions to your desired university. It is your personal introduction that describes your background, your interests, passions and your future plans. It should trigger an immediate interest with the use of a catchy opening that highlights how your interest developed for this course.

The following guide by VDIEC will not only help you write a winning SOP, but will also make sure you leave a long lasting impression through your words.
While writing an SOP, it is important that you keep these points in mind-
It should emphasize your passion and your reason for studying this course
It should have a catchy introduction to make sure that your SOP stands out from the rest
It should be contained in either one or two pages
Use crisp language and avoid the overuse of jargons
Proofread it multiple times. You not only need to recheck the spellings, but also the grammatical structure and the flow of the information
The SOP should be written coherently. Make sure your follow chronology
Do not be arrogant in your writing. You have a lot of other applicants to compete with. Your tone of writing decides why your application is better than the others
Avoid clichéd statements and quotations
Do not overuse phrases and idioms
You can talk to professors that teach the course you’re applying for, so that you can write a brief on how it fascinates you and how you can contribute to this field
Explain why you want to study in this university and not any other university. You can write about the things that make the university exclusive or better than others
Do not try to flatter the board with your writing. It doesn’t work
Mention why you chose this particular course and how this would help you in the future. You can mention your current career stage and how this course will help you go further
DO not ask for funding in your SOP
Avoid the repetition of words and sentences
Write your own SOP. It is possible that the board does a thorough check for plagiarism that may lead to the rejection of your application
Things to include in your SOP-
What you want to study?
How your interest developed in this course?
Why only this degree and not any other degree?
Why this university?
Why this country?
Your work experience or past projects and achievements
How will your experience help you in the future or in this course?
What skills are you planning to acquire through this course?
How this course will help you in the future?
Your plans after graduation
Can you contribute in any way to the university and the program? How?
Your skills, hobbies, interests, passions
Educational and family background
Co curricular and extracurricular activities
These points need to be thoroughly mentioned in the SOP. You can write them in any order that is coherently written in one continuous flow.
Last minute points-
Write the SOP like you’re writing a story and not just a statement
Quantify your achievements by including time and numbers, for example- ranking in a competition etc.
Write in specific manner. Do not write vague sentences.
Use a formal tone that is conversational
Do not write fictitiously. Make sure everything you’re writing is true
Proofread multiple times and enhance it in any way you can
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