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About Malaysia

  • Emerging higher education hub
  • High quality of life but low cost of living
  • Multi-cultural country with no language barriers
  • Top Universities with world class facilities
  • Easy immigration formalities

in Malaysia

There are around 700 private higher educational institutions and Universities in Malaysia. A myriad of American and British Universities have set up their campuses in Malaysia for locals and international students in Malaysia at lower costs. All these universities and courses are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. All courses are approved by the country's Ministry of Higher Education and they stand approved by any other country's Ministry of Higher Education worldwide. A lot of private universities in Malaysia offer a ‘twinning’ or ‘2+1’ degree option. A great idea that has been prevalent in Malaysia for around 20 years, this permits students to complete part of their degree in Malaysia and part at a partner institution in a new country. This option has been popular as it offers students a chance to gain a degree accredited by a prestigious university in an established higher education destination (such as the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, France or Germany), without paying the full costs of studying abroad for the entire length. Students who want to get a job part-time during their studies should apply to the immigration authorities through their university and they will be permitted to do a maximum of 20 hours per week in restaurants, petrol kiosks, mini markets, and hotels. Students in Malaysia can opt to do a short-term and professional course or diplomas, bachelor degrees and other post-graduate studies such as master’s degrees and continue all the way to earning a Ph.D. in Malaysia. The popular courses in Malaysia are in the healthcare, business and technology domains.

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Life In Malaysia

One of the world's most politically stable nations, Malaysia may be second to Singapore as far as territorial financial clout is concerned, yet it likewise offers a great deal more natural way of life than its city-state rival. In spite of the fact that this implies the nation does not have an association's percentage and obvious framework of Singapore, it additionally implies that subjects have a tendency to be somewhat more laidback and maybe more friendly. Peninsular Malaysia is the place the greater part of the most noteworthy positioned colleges in Malaysia can be found, alongside the most various and dynamic urban regions. As an Indian student, the student life in Malaysia is like a walk in the park; you will not feel out-of-the-blue; because Malaysian culture is very analogous to Indian society. People reverence others and anticipate to be treated with respect as well. It is a predominantly Muslim country where the women are dressed in conventional Islamic dresses and cover their head with a scarf. Malaysia is a food lover's glee as the cuisine is a mix of Indian, Chinese, Burmese and customary Malay modes. There are numerals of the small home-style bistro that offer delicious and nourishing food at tremendously reasonable price. Malaysia's locality grants it to be a point of transit for students wishing to travel to Singapore, Thailand and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region.