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About New Zealand

  • Moderate and easy Entry requirements and visa process
  • Earnings while learning is legal
  • Post course completion work rights
  • Numerous scholarships and grants
  • Cost effective education

in New Zealand

From international rankings and world-class facilities to professional staff alongside a rich pool of common assets, New Zealand is one of the most sought-after overseas education destinations for students around the world. The low study costs, financial aid, and post-graduation employment prospects emerging as highly important factors in choosing a destination, New Zealand is definitely a good choice. Students in New Zealand can choose any one amongst the eight public universities, 5 of which are listed in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings; 22 Institutes of the technology of Polytechnics and growing private tertiary and training providers. The intake is in January and July while the applications begin in March and October. The education system in New Zealand is based on levels and in each academic level, there are numerous options for students, who wish to study aboard in New Zealand. The country has extensive knowledge in sophisticated environmental and sustainable engineering, as well as applied technology and the courses in New Zealand that are most opted for include: Architecture, Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Engineering, Creativity and Design, Health & Medicine and Travel & Hospitality. Most students opt for Masters in New Zealand, Post-graduation in New Zealand or doctorate in New Zealand. With talent scarcity across diverse sectors in the New Zealand employment market, graduates are in high demand. Students possessing key skills are in huge demand and hence may apply for a Skilled Migrant visa, which will consent to them living and working in New Zealand enduringly. In New Zealand, the majority of students register in a course of 12 months' interval or longer and can work part-time for up to 20 hours a week during the semester and during holiday periods.

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Life In New Zealand

There are so many varied things you can do whilst attending university in New Zealand. International students in New Zealand are expected to interrelate with others in society and to benefit from their educational experience. The student life in New Zealand is full of Athletics, Social clubs and special interest organizations. Adding more to the adventure, students can enjoy Arts and culture and Travel Exploration. Most of the island is settled by émigré from European countries. The Kiwis are keen to rejoice in festivity and generally enjoy a high quality of life. The country has strict laws and is very concerned about the welfare of its people. New Zealand has also one of the lowest tuition fees among overseas education destinations. The country’s education system is based on the British education system and so it is easier for Indian students to blend in New Zealand education system. Moreover, the cost of living in New Zealand is relatively cheaper as compared to other countries.