Vdiec Alliances

VDIEC Global Connect Pvt. Ltd. has very close associations with leading educational institutes and organizations around the world as we believe in offering the best services to our students to help them fulfill their dreams to study abroad. These associations are primarily to facilitate:-


British Council

The British Council is United Kingdom's international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. With 218 offices in 109 countries, it works locally, regionally or globally. By being a member of BC, VDIEC can provide training and assistance to students for education in UK, getting scholarships and take International qualifying examinations like IELTS. British Council in India also provides students access to English language training and enables opportunities to study in the UK by holding educational fairs and exhibitions.



Council for
Education Research

VDIEC Global Connect Pvt. Ltd. is also a proud member of the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), which is an organization committed to providing reliable information about research options for International students in Australia. As a member of this organization, it is within the scope of functions of VDIEC to guide students about available research courses, help them crack International qualifying exams like ISAT and other relevant information. ACER also helps in providing scholarships to students applying for courses in Australia.



Education Specialist

Singapore Education Specialist training program, organized by the Singapore Tourism Board, enables counselors to convey accurate information about education in Singapore to interested international students. This certificate is endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board and was awarded to VDIEC Global Connect Pvt. Ltd., which makes them an authority about education in Singapore.


New Zealand

Specialist Agent

VDIEC is privileged to be appointed as a member of the New Zealand Specialist Agency (NZSA). This honor has been bequeathed on VDIEC by the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, giving us an opportunity to work in collaboration with the New Zealand High Commission. VDIEC Global Connect Pvt. Ltd. has been able to assemble quite a lot of education fairs and seminars where our skilled counselors and admission officers of renowned New Zealand universities were given a prospect to interrelate with students in India who are interested to study in New Zealand.

alliancesReasons to Study Abroad

  • Exposure to different cultures, languages, and way of life
  • Higher quality and standards of education
  • Much better career prospects
  • Life experiences and personal development
  • Improved language and communication skills